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Managerial Training Modules

Managerial Training Modules

Becoming a good manager makes you indispensable in the workplace, as you are given the responsibility to build up your co-workers as such. As a manager, you undertake the task of hiring, training, and following up with your employees, as well as delegating responsibility to supervisors. Managerial training consists of developing leadership styles and capabilities for both new and experienced managers, ensuring further productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

These managerial training modules also apply to the iLead Leadership Certificate program. Each learning module has four sections:

  • Learning Outcome – Outlines the learning outcome or what is expected to be learned by completing the study and assignments specified in the learning module.
  • Instruction – Instruction begins with a short video segment which outlines the main principle(s) or idea(s) being taught. Bullet points summarizing key elements of instruction are linked to (an) article(s) or reading(s) that provide more in-depth background.
  • Practice Assignment – After completing the instructional material, it is important to find real application for what you have learned. The practice assignment enables the user to apply the instruction to a practical situation. This written summary is submitted online and recorded in the student’s iLead file.
  • Reflection – After having reviewed the key points of instruction and completing the Practice Assignment, the student should be prepared to do a self-assessment or reflection. This is an online submission in response to questions relating to the specific learning module.

  • Completion of each module is tracked in the iLead system by individual student or registrant. Authorized administrators and supervisors can also track your progress, review submissions and dates of completion for each iLead Learning Module.