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Employment Training Videos

Employee & Supervisor Training Videos

The following are links to websites which contain useful videos which can be used for personal or group training assignments. We suggest that you review the video under the selected heading PRIOR to using it in a group training session. We think you will find these very helpful in supplementing other materials found under the Fostering Teamwork heading of the Online Resources for your training sessions. Enjoy!



Running Effective Meetings

Organizational Relationships

People’s Needs Frequently Found in Organizations

The Top 50 Problems with Performance Appraisals

Challenges of a Performance Appraisal System

Pitfalls of Job Performance Evaluations

How to Discipline an Employee

The Power of Positive Discipline

Motivation & De-motivators

Should I be “tough” or “well liked”?

Management vs Leadership Defined

Leaders Care

Empowering -- Who am I?